Saturday, April 3, 2010


Owen is quite the busy man these days....between reading his books, practicing Easter egg hunting, riding his truck, and being outside and on-the-go as much as possible, he has become a very busy little man. We just LOVE this age...he is so much fun!!!His personality is so funny...he gets tickled over the smallest thing.....and smiles and laughs all the time. He loves to explore and see what is going on! Here are a few snap shots of him in some of his favorite activities!!!

Easter egg hunting with Elmo Easter eggs....He LOVES Elmo

pushing his truck around with a balloon tied to it of course!! (He loves going to Harris Teeter with me because he gets a free balloon...highlight of the trip...seriously!)
taking a quick break for some teddy grahams and milk....could not part with his balloon!

Loves books....

loves to sit with Papa and read!


carroll1954 said...

The Little Man is a ham.


carroll1954 said...

Little O is a mess! He is getting to be quite the toddler. He is so precious!!

Love You,