Thursday, August 19, 2010

Saturdays Mornings and Tractors

For the last two Saturdays, Brent has taken O on a "boys" morning out. It's so cute, they go to the park and then to see "tractors". Owen leaves the house saying tractor over and over. (O has an obsession with lawnmowers and he thinks they're all tractors. He especially loves riding real tractors with his Papa.) On their most recent excursion, they went to the park in Oak Ridge and then to the Tractor Supply Store in Oak Ridge. O loved pretending to drive the lawnmowers and go-carts. They also had chicks in the store, so he got to pet them although he wasn't too sure about it at first. Brent said he just hopes he's still this interested in tractors in about 10 years when he could actually help out with the yard. Hopefully I'll get to join them soon so I can enjoy all the fun too!

What does the chick say...peep, peep!

I can't reach the pedals..
This is so much more fun than my toys at home.

I think I like this one too.

O at the park.

Daddy and O at the park.

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