Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Play dough

Owen loves loves loves play dough!!! He loves to build snowmen (add hair, arms, eyes, legs, etc to them), fire trucks, trains, stars, trucks, and circles. Lately we have been doing a lot of play dough....he is not a big TV watcher so it is a great activity for him to do while I am fixing dinner! We have tried to get him into watching Sesame Street, Max and Ruby Yo Gabba Gabba...etc...but nothing will do....he watches it for maybe 1 min max and then he is off to something else! He is a very hands on child....loves art, puzzles, books, trains, blocks, play dough, stacking anything, feeding his friends, grilling out on his grill, playing hide and seek, painting, dancing,and playing outside. Anything that requires him to stay still for an extended amount of time you can just about forget it! ha! He is so funny and so busy...his imagination is always running! At the end of the day I have to be quite honest, I am ready to go to bed when he does! ha! Anyway...love this age and I love how his vocabulary and imagination expand everyday!

Building his snowman

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carroll1954 said...

Look like we might have a leftie in the family!! I noticed he holds his fork with his left hand first and then he'll switch. He may be a right and left hander!! He is so cute and sweet!!!

Love You,
Papa and Mimi