Friday, February 17, 2012

Pregnancy Neglect!

 I feel like I have completely neglected updating everyone on my pregnancy this go around....I remember with Owen, I could tell you at any given point how many weeks, hours, even minutes that I was....this time, to be honest, I have to check my time clicker on my blog to make sure I am correct! ha! I am currently 32 weeks....horray for 5 weeks until being full term!!

With Owen, I took weekly pictures and I could tell you how long and how much he weighed and I could also tell you what fruit/vegetable he compared to in size...I spent many evenings combing through pregnancy books, reviewing my registry online, and going to birthing and breastfeeding classes!!! Date nights were often spent at Babies R Us...and the funny thing is this go around, I've only been there once...and did not purchase a thing! 

Nowadays, I am chasing around a very active 3 year old, preparing him to be a big brother, keeping up with his daily activities, and most evenings are spent on the couch with my legs up dosing in and out.  More recently, I have been.combing through baby names website to try to come to some sort of an agreement on what we are going to name baby #2, and making a list of what all needs to be done before D day.!

Nevertheless, we are super-excited and feel very blessed to be welcoming a new addition to our family.  Our due date is around April 10th....however, I have speculations that he will be born in late March...Dr. Ross doesn't think that I will make it into April. Of course, I was told that with Owen and was over a week late....whew! Whatever the date may be, we continue to pray for a healthy delivery and baby!  It is so hard to believe that we will be a family of 4 in seven or so weeks! How exciting and much to do!!!

Big Brother in training!!! He is so excited!

@ 28 weeks


carroll1954 said...

Well, it won't be long until Owen's little brother will be here. The bed is up and the clothes are are all layed out in hopes that little bro will soon be there. Kinda sounds like Christmas story. We can hardly wait either.

love u
Papa and Mimi

zcurves said...

You look wonderful! We are so proud of you, Brent and Owen. Let's pray for a March 24th birthday. That is Elizabeth's b-day. Take care.