Thursday, April 9, 2009

April Happenings

April has already been very busy! This week, Owen and I have been on the go. We went and visited Hilary and her precious new baby Jack. He is 4 weeks old and absolutely adorable. It was so funny to see Owen's reaction to a baby that is smaller than him. He is starting to notice everything around him and he just stared and was probably a bit relieved to learn that there are people smaller than him in this world! On Tuesday, we went to R-ville and Owen met Miss Ella Kate. What a cutie - she showed Owen how to cook and vacuum... hope he took good notes! On Wednesday, we met Deana, Melody, and Harrison at P.F. Chang's... yum! We enjoyed a tasty lunch and then did a little shopping. Today...whew! we stayed in and relaxed....rested up and cleaned the house. We are looking forward to this weekend... Owen's 1st Easter and daddy has some time off... yippie!

Mel, D, and cutie-pie Harrison
Miss Ella Kate... show Owen how its done!
P.F. Chang's.. Owen has an interesting expression on his face ???

Precious baby Jack... all of 4 weeks old!

My two favorite men :-)

Swinging those legs up... I haven't found them yet....

Strengthening those neck muscles...

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