Thursday, March 26, 2009


Owen went for his 2 month doctor's appointment on Monday... he got 3 shots and 1 oral vaccination... It was so sad, he was smiling at the doctor, cooing... and all of a sudden stick..ouch....screammmmmm ...only lasted a few surprisingly seconds... poor thing...he slept for the rest of the day. It just wore the poor fellow out! He got a very good report... weighing in at 12lbs and measuring 23 1/2 inches.

He was sleeping through the night until he got the shots.... I suppose they upset him and his eating schedule has been a little off.... now he wants that 3 am snack.... we are working on getting him back on track.
Owen also appears to be teething.... the two bottom teeth are starting to come can see where they are trying to push through....kind of scary at 10 weeks....certainly explains why he drools and bites on his fingers all the time.
He still continues to amaze us daily.. more smiles, coos, and he is so aware.... so adorable. We love ya O!

No he's not hungry....he appears to be teething... at 10 weeks...

talking to Mimi... hey Mimi, I love you too :-)

I love my daddy.... he is certainly a daddy's boy. You should see his face when Brent comes home from work, he just grins ear to ear! So cute!

Cass and Lil came over for a visit. We went to the Loop yum... and then Lil and O decided to have a suckin good time together :-)
"Lilly how does your taste?? mine taste like ummm burgers and fries"

Grandma Lucy (his great-grandmother) and Gramps came to visit last week. They could not believe how much he had grown. Grandma just LOVES holding him!


lillymac said...

M~ look how big he's getting! So handsome! My "babies" were early teethers too. Hope you both are having a good week.

Cassidy said...

Awww ... love it! The pic of Lil and O both sucking their thumbs is hilarious. I could not get her to stay still for that photo op!! I'll try and get my pics up tomorrow - too funny. We go for our 6 month shots tomorrow - no fun. At least they don't seem to remember it at this age. :) Love the pic of O on the phone - such a cutie!!