Sunday, March 8, 2009

7 Weeks and Tasty Thumbs,,,,,

Owen is 7 weeks old today! This weekend Owen has decided that his thumb is rather tasty... I knew it was coming as he started becoming more familiar with his hands and on Sunday it happened! On Sunday, his hand-eye coordination met up and yep it happened... he sucked it! I was hoping that he would not do this b/c of germs etc... it was absolutely precious! He has also started squealing as he laughs and is noticing his surrounding more and more. He is so precious and we just eat him to pieces! Happy 7 weeks old CHAMP! We love ya!
Splish, Slash I am lovin' my bath

Daddy is giving me my night bath

Daddy's boy

Owen loves his daddy!

and his mommy too

kisses from mommy

ummmm my thumb tastes so yummy!
He's got it down!

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Cassidy said...

awww ... so cute! I can't believe how big he's getting! when Lilly started sucking her thumb she started sleeping longer at night ... we'll hope Owen follows in her footsteps! :)