Friday, June 5, 2009

AKA squeaky

Our little man has a new trick! He LOVES to hear himself squeal...this becomes ear piercing at times- but it is so cute and funny. We were at Target the other day and O was having a ball squealing... everyone was turning around and laughing...who needs a horn...Owen's vocals work pretty well :-)

He has also gotten where he really loves his stroller. Taking the car seat carrier in grocery stores has become a thing of the past...O wants to get out!!! He is so curious and loves to watch people...especially other children. He just loves to look around and take everything in...the carrier is a bit confining and doesn't allow him to explore.

Worn out after a long stroll! Check out those eyelashes!! He gets them from his Daddy :-)

Mommy, "please do not tell me I have to wear this hat"?

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