Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day Festivities

Father’s Day had a new meaning in our house this year…it was Brent’s FIRST Father’s Day! We enjoyed an early morning walk in our neighborhood, followed by breakfast. Next came presents. Owen was especially proud of the gifts he got for Daddy, especially the Super-Dad gift bag we found. By that afternoon, our house was filled with lots of family and tasty food. We traditionally have both of our families over for a hamburger/hot dog cookout, but I didn’t want to put Brent to work this year on his big day, so I ordered BBQ from a restaurant here in town and each person brought a side dish. This year, our parents were able to join us, along with my brother Edmund, his daughter Makayla, and my grandmother. Brent’s brother and his wife usually come, but were spending the day with her family. Owen was napping when everyone arrived, but after an almost two hour nap, he finally woke up and was ready for some fun. He enjoyed being the center of attention, of course, and enjoyed seeing everyone and was extremely playful. It amazes me how much more interactive he is each day. After everyone left, we cleaned up and relaxed the rest of the day. Brent was so proud on his first Father’s Day and I’m glad I could help make it extra special for him!

LOVE my grandma :-) so glad she could make it!

All the wonderful dads

My wonderful family!! Owen is so blessed to have such a wonderful daddy!

Makalya entertains Owen...she showed him and played with every toy in the house!!!

Maykalya wanted to feed Owen so bad...surprising he was full and didn't want any more...she thankful understood :-)

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