Thursday, August 6, 2009

Owen Meets the Denton Twins!!!!

Owen got to meet precious Daelyn & Deacon yesterday for the first time!!! They are so precious and are great babies!!! I was amazed at how awake and alert they were for only 7 weeks!!! Owen was so funny...he kept wanting to take Deacon's sock off and eat it....I tried to explain to O that he had to keep his socks on so his feet didn't get cold...haha..he just kept grabbing them off his feet! I guess they tasted pretty yummy! It was also great seeing Martha Jo- she handles it all so well and make it look so easy!!!She is a pro! Can't wait for O to hang out with his cousins again!! I can only imagine what kind of fun they will all have..:-)

Gentle now Owen....

Precious Daelyn

umm...let's get these socks off and see how they taste :-)

Daelyn and Deacon... come on sis...look at the camera...

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