Friday, August 14, 2009

August Tricks!

August has been a huge milestone for our little can sit all by himself, grab EVERYTHING, eating puffs, drinking from the sippy cup, and is up on all fours......People always told me how quickly your children is so true....they change and grow up before your very own eyes.

Owen also LOVES the red furry got it...ELMO!!! He laughs and all started when his papa decided to order it is so funny and we have actually had a ball playing with it. Sometimes I think I enjoy it just as much as O makes him smile and laugh....anything to see that smile....melts your heart every time you see it :-)

Acting silly with Mommy.....swimmy diaper on my head...lets head to the pool!

Peak a boo

Our happy little man

Lunch anyone? ( This is the result of letting him take over the spoon...big mistake haha)

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carroll1954 said...

Owen it looks like your mommy has that swimmy diaper to tight around your head from the look you are making!!!!!!!!!!!