Saturday, July 31, 2010

Back to the Beach

Since Owen was getting tubes on July 29th, we figured we would head back to the beach again before the big event. We left Wednesday and came back on was so nice and we had a fabulous time. Just like the first time, O loved the water and being on the beach each day. We couldn't get in the water fast enough. O met several friends while we were down there and enjoyed playing with them. While we were down there, Brent and I celebrated our 6th anniversary on the 24th!! Uncle Glenn and Aunt Mua joined us for the weekend and watched O while Brent and I went out to dinner on our special day. Thanks Mua! We had a great time and it was nice to get away.
Fam at the beach

Owen loved walking with his Uncle Glenn and Aunt Mua

Chillin with the lawn mower...ha

Loved playing with his new friend Lauren...they were only 4 days apart!!! WOW!

on the Pier

loved playing in the sand...most of the time he was in the water!!!

Eating icecream with Mommy


KTCx2 said...

SOOO chillin with the lawn mower! I love it! He looks ready to start earning allowance as soon as the yard needs trimming!!!!

joven said...

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