Monday, July 12, 2010

Beach Trip and Happy 4th!

Every Fourth of July, Brent's aunt and uncle invite us down to their beach house. We love Topsail Island, and are very thankful for them inviting us down every year! This year was much different than last year....last year Owen did not enjoy the beach..sand...or the water....this year...he would have stayed out there ALL day!!! He LOVED the water especially...seriously, this kid has no fear of water...he goes right out to it!!! I think swim lessons are in his near future...sooner than later!!! He also got to touch a fish and a baby shark that someone had caught....of course I did not have my camera when he was holding the baby shark :-(....YIKES! He loved touching it and thought it was funny when it started to move and flop around. We had originally planned to stay the whole week, but had to leave a bit earlier.....Owen has had a series of ear infections (he is getting tubes at the end of the month) and we thought he had another ear infection, which lucky just turned out to be his molars coming in....poor guy has got all his teeth coming in at once!!! Fortunately, we are going to be able to go back to the beach several times in August...can't wait!! Overall, this beach trip was a BLAST!!! Can't wait to go back! We heart the beach!!!

Enjoying the water with Daddy.

Catching the waves with Daddy.

Blowing bubbles with Aunt Mua

Taking a family stroll down the beach.

Getting ready to go sailing with Uncle Glenn (Brent, not Owen of course!)

Man, I love the beach!

Quick pose with the sail boat.

Looking for fish.

Build me a sand castle Mommy.

Looking for shells with Papa.

I love to find shells and take them to Mommy.

Mimi, this one is for you! Don't know how we did not get a pic of you and Owen this beach trip!! Here is one from last year! :-)

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