Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You had me from hello!!!

January 18, 2009....Owen Thomas Carroll came into this world and ever since then you have had daddy wrapped around your little finger. Happy Father's Day to the best daddy and husband!! We love you!!!

Father's day 1 year ago....Brent's 1st
Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful fathers out there!!! Father's Day is an awesome day...Brent is a wonderful husband, father, and best friend....I could not ask for him to be any better of a father. Sorry, I know this may be a bit sickening, but I truly adore the person that my husband is. He and Owen have this special bond....when he hears the garage door open he immediately jumps up from whatever he is doing and starts saying "daddy...daddy", after breakfast, he always goes over to daddy's picture and tries to give him a sip of his milk (no idea why he does this), and if he hears someone else say daddy his face lights up because he thinks he gets to see his daddy.....too cute!!! Owen loves his Daddy so much...Brent gives him his bath every night....and let me tell you...mommy doesn't do it right....they have a BALL in the bath....every night I hear them up there playing with toys and Owen squealing and laughing to the top of his lungs....he loves it when his daddy give him baths!!! Not only does Daddy give him the best baths but he also reads to him, puts him to bed, and plays trucks and blocks with him as soon as he gets home from work. He is the best dad ever!!We love you!

Father's day 2010
I love my family of 3!

riding his truck with a balloon tied to the back of course :-)

my 2 special men!

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