Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pool or Water Hose??...ummmmm

This past week, Owen and I ventured off to Toys R Us to pick up several "necessities"...We decided to pick up a plastic pool and pool toys to go along with it.....Who knew a ten dollar pool and a water hose could provide so much entertainment??? Owen loves the water....sometimes it is a bit much to pack up EVERYTHING just to go to the pool for an here is our little pool in the backyard for the days we just want to take a dip and have some fun playing in the water!!!
Loving the water hose

and the pool too!!!

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carroll1954 said...

Little Man is a growing up. He looks like he has really done something holding that hose pipe and just a grinning.

He drug that pipe around and around Friday watering the grass, flowers and putting water in the pool.

Love You