Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our Little Monkey

Happy Halloween everyone!!! This year Brent and I decided that we would dress O up like a monkey…we have always called him our little monkey, so why not? We figured this would probably be the last year that we would get to pick his costume, next year I am quite sure he will have a deciding factor on what to be…ha! This year, Mimi and Papa came over and we all piled in the Pilot and headed off for some trick or treating fun! We went to a few of our friends’ homes and then headed back into our neighborhood where Mimi and Papa took him to several homes in the wagon! They all had a ball!! Meanwhile, Brent and I got dinner fixed and then met up with them for some more trick or treating fun. After dinner, we ended up turning our lights on and giving out O’s candy….I mean really, how much candy can a 21 month old eat??….Brent and I did not need it, so we ended our night passing out what was left of O’s candy….the gift that keeps giving. Ha! What a fun day!

Our little cute.

Getting my face painted before heading out.
Mommy and O!

Owen & daddy leaving the neighbor's house.

After all of the excitement.

O got a surprise on Sunday. Mimi and Papa knows about O's "slight" obsession with fire trucks, so they decided to give him one for Halloween. You should have seen his face...priceless.

We bought several pumpkins for our front porch, but unfortunately didn't get to carve any of them. So, we decided to decorate cup cakes instead. These were a few I came up with.

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