Sunday, May 27, 2012

Check Out My Trophy!

Earlier, I blogged about Owen being in the Kiddie Kicker soccer program at the Y this spring.  They practiced for about two months.  Towards the end, I think he may have gotten tired of it, because practices had gotten very interesting.  I stayed at home for most of the practices since I was very pregnant at the beginning and then I was at home with Gray.  Brent said he was exhausted by the time it was over.  Every Monday kinda went like this...Brent gets home from work and changes, O gets in his jersey...they head off to Chick-fil-A and eat dinner...then they get to practice at 6:15...they come home and O has a snack, then a bath, and then off to bed.  They did manage to swing by for ice cream or dessert after some of the practices and I was able to meet up with them.

O was one of the younger ones on the team, so he didn't have the skills the older ones had which made it a little less fun for him.  He still talked about it and said he liked playing.  At the last practice, they scrimmaged against the team that practiced right before them.  With about 30 three to four year olds running around the field, things were pretty disorganized.  After it was over, they all enjoyed pizza and cupcakes.  At the end, each kid received a trophy.  O was ecstatic!!  He was proud of his trophy.  It made us happy to see him so proud of himself for doing well and getting a reward at the end.  He is growing up fast!

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