Sunday, May 13, 2012

Gray's Arrival

When I was pregnant with Owen, I kept wandering when/if I would go into labor.  We had an induction date set and the night before the big day, he decided it was time to come on his own.  With Gray, we also had an induction date, but he decided he was way too comfy inside mommy's tummy, so we went to Plan B - INDUCTION!! 

We had to be at Women's at 7:30am on April 14th, which is where Gray's story begins.  I was very nervous about being induced..wandering if everything would go fine and just not knowing what to expect.  Around 9:30, they began the induction, but the first method they used did absolutely NOTHING!!  Brent and I just hung out in the labor and delivery room, watching TV, surfing the internet, and trying to make the time pass by as quickly as possible. 

After 4 hours, it was time for the Petocin.  Had they started with that, Gray would have been born 4 hours sooner!  It worked like a charm and about 4 1/2 hours later at 6:15pm, we welcomed him into this world.  It was such an amazing feeling.  It was familiar since we had been through this 3 years earlier, but at the same time it was so unique.  I can't express the feelings of joy, love, happiness, and warmth we felt after his delivery. 

When he was born, we thought he looked so small, I guess we were used to looking at a tall 3 year old for so long.  Much to our surprise, when they put him on the scales and said he was 8 lbs. 7 oz., I was in complete shock!  Good thing they induced him, rather than him getting any bigger!  He had a lot of hair like Owen, but his was light brown/blondish, where as Owen's was dark brown.  He was two inches shorter than O, but over a pound heavier.  So far, it's really hard to tell if he looks like O or not. 

The grandparents couldn't wait to see Gray.  They enjoying watching him get his first bath and shampoo in the nursery before we all moved into my room.  Owen was staying with Brent's parents, and Papa brought him over to see his new brother.  He only got to see him through the nursery window the first night since it had gotten so late and I still wasn't in my room.  He came back the next morning and got to meet him face to face.  He was so sweet and gentle with him.  He hugged him and rubbed his hair.  Whether he fully knew what was going on, I don't know.  The four of us went home Monday morning.  It was so special to load the two of them in the car and drive away.  We look forward to the lifetime ahead of us with our two sweet boys.

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Cassidy said...

so sweet. welcome baby Gray!