Tuesday, July 31, 2012

3 Months Old!

Gray is now three months old!  It's hard to believe he is one fourth of the way through his first year!  Time needs to slow down a little.  He continues to change each month and his personality is definitely shining through more and more. 

He is the happiest baby I have ever seen.  He just grins and laughs when he sees us.  He is very content in his bouncer when we're in the room with him.  He is becoming more and more aware of things and is trying to grab onto them.  Obviously it will be a little longer before he can grip things. 

He coos, laughs, and talks in his own language a lot of the time.  He likes watching Owen play if they are in the same room.  He is still a big fan of bathtime.  He is getting settled into more of a routine.  He usually takes a good morning nap and then a good afternoon when we're at home.  If we are on the go that day, he usually just naps in his carrier or in the stroller. 

 At night, he sometimes still gets a little fussy, but usually goes to sleep pretty quickly.  Over the last month, he is sleeping on average about 6-7 hours straight.  We're still working towards the 10-12 hour goal!  Overall he is a very happy and easy baby at this point.

 Owen at 3 months.

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zcurves said...

He is so cute! You guys make beautiful babies. Best wishes! From your Texas family