Monday, July 30, 2012

Triad Baptist VBS

I recently blogged about how much fun Owen had at his preschool's VBS, so he was really excited about the one we were having at our church.  It was his first year there too.  The theme was Amazing Wonders Aviation and they had lots of airplanes and the kids 'traveled' to different destinations.  They even had a big airplane out in the parking lot (homemade of course) and each class got to take a ride on it (pulled by a tractor of course).  

I think Owen enjoyed the tractor as much as sitting in the plane!  

He did great and was so excited about the music they had.  We bought him the CD and it's so funny to hear him sing the songs and do the hand movements.  His favorite is Counting on God.  Brent and I would listen to him while he was laying in his bed at night.  He was in there just singing his little heart out to this song.  So precious!  Glad our little guy loved VBS this year.

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