Monday, January 24, 2011

Owen's 2!!!

Happy Birthday sweet Owen!!! Owen we cannot believe that you are 2 today….2 years ago today we were in the hospital in awe of this beautiful baby boy that had just been born. We were so excited and so nervous at the same time. I remember Brent telling me. “can you believe that they just let us leave with this tiny baby….we have no idea what we are doing”…ha! Over the past 2 years, we have put together this parenting puzzle and although we are not perfect parents, we love our family dearly and wouldn’t change a thing! At night when we go to bed, we laugh at all the things that you did that day. You are so funny….nonstop! You are into everything….I mean everything!!! You are so creative and you create these games and imagination play that amazes me. Just the other day out of nowhere you started piling up pillows in the hall….normally I probably would have stopped you, but you were on a mission and you weren’t harming a thing so I sat there and watched to see what you were going to do next… thing lead to another and the next thing I knew you had me running and crashing into this huge pile of pillows that you had created. You were laughing so hard that tears were almost coming out of your eyes. I love seeing you laugh….makes my day! All of a sudden you decided that it was nap time…you set all the pillows in a row and went and got all your stuffed animals and lined them up….you said shuuu they are sleeping…and you tucked them in individually reading them each a book!! So sweet…you are a charm!!! I hope that you always have this sweet loving personality . You are also very smart and you never forget anything!!! Seriously….at some point there will be no need to even bring a grocery list….you will be that list! Ha! We love you so much and we love that are a very determined toddler….sometimes this strong-willed behavior drives me nuts, but I know that it is just because you are so determined and you like to do everything by yourself. While that may be a testing personality trait as a toddler to a parent, it is a strong asset that will take you far in life…or least that is what I pray for! You are very outgoing, but shy at the same time.. It still takes you a while to get warmed up to unfamiliar people. I love how to come to us when you are unsure of a person or situations and you trust and love us to know that we will show you and help you to know that they are okay. You are an observer…some will think you are quiet…but you are just taking it all in…just like your daddy does! We love watching you learn new words everyday and love hearing you try to form them into sentences. You are so funny and sweet! You love to read books, play with trains, firetrucks, cars, play dough, anything art related, love baths, your grandparents, and church! I love how you talk about church….When I ask you what you do your reply is “slide and play”….then you will say “Bible”…so glad that you like your Sunday school class…and they love seeing you!! They always tell us what a sweet and loving boy that you are. We love you and we are so very glad that we are your parents! We hope that you have a very very Happy Birthday sweet Owen!

Our first family pic

Sweet baby Owen

Daddy and his boy

Kisses from mommy

Funny story!!! Two days prior to his birthday we went to Don Juan's and we got them to sing happy birthday to Owen! The look that he had was so funny when they were singing...I don't think that he thought they were singing to him. Then the hat...haha! He didn't like it so......they stuck it on Mimi and Owen loved it...he was smiling up a storm....I was looking around the restaurant and at that point I think everyone thought it was Mimi's birthday instead of Owen's. it was so funny!! We were all laughing so hard! Good times!

Yummy chips

YAY...mcuh better on Mimi haha!

We have been celebrating his birthday all week.... I have more pics coming soon of all the birthday events!! So much fun!! I could celebrate his birthday all year long!

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