Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I HEART This Weather!!!

Don't you just love the beautiful weather that we have had over the last several days? Owen and I have been outside constantly, taking advantage of it completely. He has a new, well new to him, motorized fire truck and it is the coolest thing ever!!! It has a real hose and you can actually fill it up with water and squirt it like firemen do. It has sirens, a ladder, lights, CB radio, is like a real mini fire truck! He loves it so much and it makes me so happy to see him (and me) enjoy it. I can't wait to look back on these pics as he gets older...I am sure he will get a kick out of mommy driving his fire truck and daddy riding his bike!! What a fun family evening we had!
My sweet little side kick! LOVE HIM!

Whoever said adults can't have fun....I think these pics say it all!

This pic cracks me was seconds before both of our hats flew off! ha! What fun we had....I sure hope the neighbors don't think I'm nuts! ha!

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