Friday, March 25, 2011

Owen Chatting.....

Owen has really been talking up a storm lately!! He is really starting to put 3 and 4 words together and form sentences!! Wow! Here are some of his latest sayings.

The other day when I laid him down for his nap…well he was carrying on up there for over 30 minutes having a complete party in his bed… he was saying mommy, mommy, look…..finally I went up there to see what in the world he was doing and I found him doing a handstand in his bed to which he replied “there you are silly” haha!

At night he really carries on…. Mommy wash clothes, mommy wash blanket, froggy blanket.....which turns into singing OOO (song from preschool), Owen loves KK and her Sissy (preschool friends), Daddy Belk escalators (rides escalators at Belk) , Petco Maggie treats I throw (picks treats out for my dad's dog and throws them to him) . Percy Owen Carroll (he has named all his trains_____ Owen Carroll…too funny) then he will start jumping on his bed….he says “no bump your head”…haha! He sings, recites everything that he was done that day, and then he is OUT! WOW! We listen to him over the monitor and just crack up!

In Target today, a lady told him he was so cute he replied “why, thank you”…and blew her a kiss!

If you ask him something he says ‘sure' …..we are trying to get him to say yes m'am but for now everything is either sure or no…ha! Too cute!

If you are in the car riding you get a complete tour of your surroundings as you are in route….tree, big tree, tree fall, boat gone sold (a boat that was sitting on a corner 5 months ago is still there in his mind….doesn’t forget a thing), church, Frosty, Target, Kohls, Walmart, Chick-fil-a, up hill, down hill, fast fast, turn, park, white, yellow, orange…etc car……he talks nonstop in the car….and waves at everybody when we stop…even if they can’t see him!!! sometimes it can be a bit exhausting! Funny and cute nevertheless.

I just LOVE this age! He is hilarious! You never know what is going to come out of his mouth…he is so funny…it amazes me that he knows and remembers so much! It just seems like this week he is talking so much more!!! I have always been told that once they start talking they don’t stop and there is so much truth to that! We love him so much and are having the time of our life raising him!
Owen LOVES the reese cup eggs....just like me! Yum!!
Loves to talk to his daddy everyday while he is at work!!! he tells him what he and mommy have done and what he wants to do when he gets home...he ends with love you...and kisses the phone! Love it!

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