Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Random February Shots!

Wow! Where did February go? It has been a busy, sick, and fun month (if it is possible to combine all three)! It started off with our entire family getting a sore throat/cold and two weeks after that, we all ended up with a terrible stomach bug, which we hope and pray doesn't come back in our house for a long time! We have become quite obsessed with hand sanitizer, wipes, vitamins, and pediasure in hopes not to get sick again…or for at least a while. Poor Owen lost 4lbs since his Nov checkup b/c of all the sickness!! He is doing much better thanks to pediasure, peanut butter, avocados, whole milk….etc….we hope he can gain it all back and more :)

I don’t know about you but we are ready for springtime!!! We can’t wait to get outside more, fire up the grill, and enjoy the beautiful flowers and all of the blooming that takes place in the spring! Time to dust off the camera and take some more pics…February was just not a Kodak moment for us! Here are a few random pictures taken throughout the month! Happy March ya’ll!

Owen loves the computer...loves to check out his blog as well as his friends.
Our little fire chief

My snuggle bug, we did lots of snuggling this month. When Owen is under the weather he becomes a super snuggler...not that we enjoy spreading all the germs, but it's something that mama's just have to do! Ha

Reading his favorite...Thomas!!! He knows all the trains...however, Thomas, Percy, and Toby still remain to be his favorites!

Owen helps me make a banana pudding...his version!

He got so tickled!!! He is so funny!!

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