Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fun shower with Friends!

Saturday, Deana, Melody, and Ester hosted a fabulous fun shower for baby Owen and I. Super woman D, just had an adorable son 5 weeks ago and was able to seamlessly throw everything together!! Thanks D :-)! Melody's house was festively decorated for the holidays and looked wonderful! It was so much fun seeing friends that I haven't seen in a while and catching up with everyone. Owen got a lot of really nice things! Owen got the baby soother (for those nights that he will need extra comfort music to go back into baby dreamland haha), cute clothes, crib and breast feeding necessities, baby Mozart DVD, diapers (need plenty of them!), and lots of other cute things.
Mary & Deana (doesn't she look fabulous after having a baby only 5 short weeks ago!)

Precious Ella Kate was checking out the magazines!

Childhood friends!

Me at 35 weeks! 5 weeks to go... you've got to be kidding me!

Me with the hostess, Ester, D, and Mel

The punch and cake, and the ADORABLE picture frame, everyone there signed it and a pic of Owen will go in the middle when he's already in his nursery.

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Nathan, Laurie, Elizabeth & Emily said...

Hey Mary! Found your blog from Cassidy's. Congrats on the pregnancy. Looks like you are ready- just need a baby! Hang in there the last few weeks...well umm... I'll just let you experience it. But, enjoy what miserable sleep you can right now.