Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas is over... now it's OWEN TIME!

WOW! We had so much fun this Christmas visting with family, opening presents, and eating lots and lots of yummy food! It all started on Christmas Eve, I fixed my sweet potato and green bean casseroles while Brent ventured out and made a new recipe this year... a delicious broccoli casserole. Lots of casseroles.... I think we are both casseroled out for a while!!! We were heading over the Carrolls and I had a slight.. oh my gosh is this a real contraction.... any of those who have had braxton hicks know what I mean... is this real or another braxton hicks.,. anyway, I had several that were perfectly timed.... Brent and I were starting to wonder if we were going to have a Christmas baby after all.... I finally got them to stop and we enjoyed our evening with the Carrolls! We had lots of yummy favorite, honey baked ham yum yum yum.,.. I could not see my ankes the next morning... !!!! We then opened presents for Owen, he got a silver cup which will have his name and birthdate engraved in it and his first piggy bank! From there we went home.
Christmas morning we woke up bright and early and Brent and I exchanged Christmas presents and then headed over to my parents for a delicious brunch! We had a great time seeing Mark, Elizabeth, Sally, and Johnny... family that we do not get to see that often. From there we came home, I took a quick nap, had to rejuvinate my self for the last event of the evening. The Carrolls came over for a pasta dinner! We had such a great time, we all wore sweats, opened presents, and again pigged out and polished off the remainder of the Christmas goodies! Having these goodies around is not a good thing for a pregnant woman!
This morning Brent and I took our tree down and cleaned the house up! Now it's OWEN TIME!!!! I will keep you posted....

Mimi and Papa show off their new bibs from Owen! Owen cannot wait to visit them where I am sure he will get great use out of the bibs!!!

Papa... anxiously awaking for Owen's arrival!

Brent showing off his new briefcase for work that he got for Christmas

SUPERMAN!! That he will be!!! I love this and Brent saw me looking at it over and over at Baby Gap, he could not resisit either, he went back and got it for me!

Grandma Anderson.. taking it all in!

Edmund's daughter, Makalya helps Dad open his presents

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carroll1954 said...

Yes! CHRISTMAS was a very special time this year. Just think "little OWEN" may be here ANY TIME. A baby can bring such happiness. GRANDMA OWEN's face lights up when I mention his soon to be arrival. She says "OWEN THOMAS CARROLL he will have such good and loving parents."

Mary and Brent we're so proud of you two. May God bless you in this journey he has set before you.

Love Mimi and Papa.