Friday, January 2, 2009

Brent's 30th Birthday

We could not plan his birthday too far in advance... since we are expecting our little one ANYTIME!!! We were hoping for today, how special would that have been for Owen and his daddy to have the same birthday... I guess Owen wanted his own day:-) We had a mini birthday party full of fun...hats, candles, balloons, food, and cake. Brent's parents and brother (we all missed Kelley, she had to work) came over for a lasagna dinner and butter pecan cake! Yum, we were all stuffed!!! Happy 30th Birthday Brent!!

Owen's precious new outfit! Owen gave it to him for his birthday! He is going to LOVE his daddy!!!

Brent and Kev

Brent blows out his candles... wonder what his wish was.... OWEN :-)

I bought this hat for's an extra special day!!!

Come on Owen!!! 39 weeks....

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sundrop said...

Hi Mary this is Mandy Owen. I found your blog through Cara Morton. Congratulations on Baby Owen. I have missed staying in touch with you and would love to get your email and street address if you do not mind. My email address is I would also love to catch up with you when you have some time again. We have both made some chages to our families since Greensboro College graduation. I hope all goes well with Owen's delivery. Take Care!!