Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ready, Set.....Almost there!

Well.... Owen is still baking... he just doesn't want to come out... I guess he knows how cold it is outside and he is too cozy and warm in mommy's tummy! I went to the doctor on Tuesday and everything was fine, they did an ultrasound and he didn't appear to be in any stress and all fluids were great! If he is not born by Sunday, January 18th, I will be induced. I am really hoping to have him before then.. we'll see. This is the hardest part - waiting... I guess it is another one of life's wonderful lessons teaching me to be patient. Nevertheless, we are ready for our sweet angel...and cannot wait to hold, kiss, and tell him how much we love him. I will keep you posted... as this little one may decide to come before Sunday! Keep us in your prayers!

Owen's friend Henry is waiting.... relaxing on his rocker!!

Where are you Owen?


carroll1954 said...

Henry is so cute, He looks so relaxed in Owen's rocker. I know Owen will enjoy playing with him. Yes we're all EXCITED and can't hardly wait for Owen's arrival!!! Since his birthday is in January he might be like his daddy and love cold weather!!

Love You,
Papa and Mimi

lillymac said...

good luck! can't wait to see pictures of little owen!

Cassidy said...

Mary, I can't believe you're still waiting! He really is happy inside, huh? :) I've been checking your blog daily hoping for news. Kel and I were wanting to come by on MLK day to visit ... but now that he'll probably only be a day old, we'll wait a bit longer. :) Can't wait to meet the little guy!

Mary Carroll said...

Cass- yes, I am about to go nuts!! He still has 48 hrs to make his entrance... well see!!! Waiting is hard... it will be well worth it though. Lilly is adorable, its hard to believe how big she is getting! Can't wait for our little ones to met. Best wishes with the sleeping...sounds like she is getting the hang of it!