Monday, January 19, 2009

Owen Carroll, One day old!

Wow! Words cannot express how it feels to have a child. Owen is such a blessing... we love him so much!!! Every time we look at him our hearts just melt! He is the cutest, most adorable person in this world to us. We love our family of three, he is just a doll and a half.. (yes, I know he is a boy) we are totally nuts over him!!

Owen got circumcised today... ouch, poor fellow. However, he remained a fabulous trooper and was very alert and active towards the end of the day. He is such a trooper - we are so proud of you Owen!

One of Owen's many faces... so far!

Daddy loves Owen

Uncle Kev is nuts over Owen... he can't wait to babysit and change lots of diapers.... hahaha!

Uncle Kev and Aunt Kel came to visit Owen, they bought him the most adorable outfit! Thanks! We love it!

Daddy masters changing diapers! He is already a champ!

Papa and Mimi melt over Owen!

Okay...who can resist this face!

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carroll1954 said...

We're so excited over our precious "Little Owen", we're so glad he's here and perfect in every way!!! I know his Mom and Dad will be exceptional parents. Uncle Kev and Aunt Kel are going to make perfect babysitters, along with Papa and Mimi! Love U all 3!!

Papa and Mimi