Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Home Sweet Home

On Tuesday we got to come home... we were a bit worried that the snow might hold us up, but luckily it was just snow and not ice. It was a beautiful to look at on our way home. Plus, we have a cool story to tell Owen... he actually wore an outfit on the way home that said "let it snow". We had planned that he was wearing this months in advance and consequently it was really snowing!!! How cool! Owen was knocked out the whole way home! He looked so precious in his car seat!!! I could just eat this little fellow up! We love you so much Owen!!
Owen tries out his new car seat before we leave the hospital!

Owen was very quiet during the ride home.

Ironically enough, we picked out this outfit to wear home weeks in advance. "Let it snow" was very appropriate for the morning he left. What a coincidence!

As you can see, the snow was very pretty when we left.

Owen's little ribbon on our mailbox. Welcome home!

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lillymac said...

congratulations... owen is soooo cute! hope everyone's doing well!