Saturday, December 20, 2008

Getting ready for Baby Owen

Can this be... we are 37 weeks... it seems like we have been preparing for years now for Owen's arrival.. hard to believe that it is a mere 3 weeks away.... maybe earlier... who knows, only Owen and God! As you can see, we have been really busy getting his nursery together and trying to do any last preparations for this little one's arrival! This past week, I finally decided that it was that time... yes to pack the suitcase, so off to Target I went! I did just as my book said and got my wonderful coach some "nutritional snacks" (his favorite trail mix), a new set of bigger PJ's, socks, candy, and all sorts of toiletries! Owen's bag is packed as well... his cute "let it snow"(wait until we get home please!) warm outfit, diapers, blankets, etc... We will keep you updated as our precious angel will be here soon!!! How exciting :-)

The suitcase is packed!

Nursery pictures minus the mirror and framed picture that are waiting to receive

Brent putting the glider together!


carroll1954 said...

Everything is ready, but little Owen!!! Hopefully he'll be making his appearance soon. The nursery is decorated so pretty, Mimi will be using the glider before you know it. We're so excited that little Owen is our bright light after all of our happenings. Anxiously waiting!!!

Love Mimi and Papa

Cassidy said...

The nursery looks fabulous!! Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas. And be sure to put some chapstick in that hospital bag! :) Can't wait for the new year!