Monday, June 20, 2011

Hello Thomas!

O has always been a huge fan of Thomas...he has the trains, the DVDs, the PJs...he loves his choo choos! When we found out Thomas would be at Tweetsie, we knew we had to take him. We went on the last day and it was perfect..great weather and the crowds were not bad. O was so excited as soon as we got there and when he saw Thomas hit eyes lit up and he yelled "All aboard"! It was so funny. We were a little skeptical about how he would do on the chair lift, but he loved it and we got to ride it many times. He even said he wanted to ride the ferris wheel, but as soon as he and Brent got to the top, I think a little fear set in. It wasn't anything a big hug from Daddy wouldn't solve. He still mentions being scared of the ferris wheel. He loved the go carts and the smaller train ride (we rode everything many times)! O did so well and he didn't even stop for a nap while we were there. We were there until about 5:30 and within 5 minutes of getting in the car to leave, he was out like a light. We had so much fun and look forward to going back next year.

All aboard!

Tweetsie inside the carriage.

Family pic!

Here go...up the mountain.

Not too sure about this...

Let's go faster Mommy..

Slow down Daddy..

O was so excited to see Sir Topham Hat

O got his cool t-shirt and this neat whistle.

O and Mommy outside some of the shops.

O getting Thomas painted on his face.

And of course, Daddy had to have some fun too (far left)

Doesn't look like this ride was too popular with all the empty seats!

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KTCx2 said...

looks like fun!!! love all of the pool and beach pics below...super cute :) -ktcx2