Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Strawberries Anyone?

Strawberries….YUM…one of my favorites…right behind blueberries that is :-) A few weeks ago, Owen and I decided to take a little trip to a local strawberry patch…what fun! As soon as we started he immediately began to eat them, as most 2 year olds would do. He loved picking and eating them. When we got home we washed them up and pretty much for the next week we ate strawberries on everything…cereal. oatmeal, ice cream, strawberry short cake, etc…I am not a big fan of freezing them…they never taste quite the same to me…strawberries were an extremely popular theme for the next week! I wish strawberry season lasted longer...I love fresh, red, sweet strawberries...they are so very yummy! appropriate is this shirt...chomp! ha! totally unplanned!


and more eating

sweet boy looking for more strawberries

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