Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Back to School

For the last two years, Owen has been going two days a week to Fountain of Life Preschool.  This year he is in the 3-4 year old class and loves his new teachers, Miss Chrissy and Miss MaryBeth.

This year he goes three days a week and is able to go to Lunch Bunch too.  Lunch Bunch is offered a couple of times a month and he brings his lunch and they have a craft and play.

We went to Target to let him pick out a lunchbox.  He picked out a a fire truck one.  He is so proud of it and goes right on in with it when I drop him off.  I am so glad he is still liking school.  It is such a nice feeling to see him go right on in without me compared to two years ago when he cried and I had to come pick him up!  He's come a long way!  It's happy to see him well-adjusted to preschool, but a little sad to know that he's growing up!

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