Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Five Months Old!

Since Gray has gotten bigger and heavier, he really enjoys his bouncer.  We'll catch a glimpse of him and he has that thing going to town!  If he's just sitting in it still and hears music, he gets to rockin like you've never seen. 

This month, we introduced vegetables.  So far, he seems to like them and has tried green beans, squash, peas, and carrots.  It's funny to watch him open up, it reminds you of a little bird!  We usually sit him in the Bumboo and feed him.  It's usually not too messy until he wipes him mouth with his hands and then touches his hair and face!  Then we have a little bit of a mess.  On many occasions, we get the bathtub ready and give him a bath after he's finished eating!  We continue to give him oatmeal in the mornings and usually in the evenings too. 

Owen had a cold this month and of course brought it home to Gray.  Poor fellow was all stopped up and even had to have a couple of breathing treatments.  He is fine now and back to his happy self. 

He is sitting more by himself and has almost got it down.  He plays each day in his activity center and spins all around it playing with each thing.  Of course, he stills checks out Owen's every move.  Owen still plays a little too rough with him at times, but he is such a sweet big brother.  He will give him kisses and covers him up if he thinks he may be cold. 

We have the sweetest boys!

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