Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bright Sunshiny Days

The YMCA in Kernersville has an outdoor kiddie pool and this year they opened a second outdoor pool, that is geared for older kids.  They have several water slides and other obstacle type things in the water.  It's four feet deep, so Owen has to get in with one of us. 

We had not gone to the pool very much until about sometime in July.  Then, it seemed like we tried to wear it out.  We would go on Saturdays and Sundays and would meet Cameron/Liam/Noah there during the week some too. 

O loves the water and had a lot of fun.  He really enjoyed getting in the"big" pool with Brent and watching B go down the water slides.  Owen was a little sad when the pool closed Labor Day.  The indoor pool is open year-round of course, and sometimes on Saturdays, we'll all go and let O get in the water with Brent.  O likes to jump in off the side of the pool to Brent.  His favorites are belly flops and what he calls underwater jumps (Brent catches him and his head goes underwater). 

Meanwhile, Gray checks everything out from the stoller.  He must have a lot of ideas in his head for when he gets older!

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