Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Four Months Old!

Gray continues to be a very happy baby.  He is constantly smiling and gets excited when he sees both of us.  He is getting used to his big brother.  At first, I think Owen's loud noises and constant hugging (or smothering) scared him and he would start crying.  Now, when O is being the entertainer, Gray just smiles and goes along with it! 

It's funny to watch the interaction between the two.  Gray watches his every move.  When Owen is playing with his toys, Gray does not take his eyes off of him for a second.  I guess he's taking notes so he will know what to do when he gets a little older. 

His back and neck muscles continue to strengthen and he can sit for a short period by himself.  He is sleeping pretty well, usually from about 8 until 6:30 in the morning.  We introduced oatmeal to him this month and he seems to be getting the hang of having it spoon-fed to him. 

He usually takes a morning and afternoon nap.  If we're at home, he takes them in his bed and if we're out and about, he usually knocks off in his carseat.  So glad our little man is such a happy baby!

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