Friday, September 13, 2013

Big Boy Booster Seat

We finally did it! Owen has been asking (several times a day) when he was going to get a booster seat.  Truth be known, we have been pushing it off as long as we could because of safety, weight, and height regulations. This year when he started preschool, he started taking inventory on how many of his friends were in the booster seat vs "the baby seat". Most of his friends were in booster seats and it really bothered him and made him feel like a baby. So, I researched and found the perfect one that was reasonably priced and had high ratings and met all safety regulations.

On the way to pick up his booster seat!!! So excited!!!!

So very proud of his new seat! I love it too because he can buckle/unbuckle himself:) huge help!!!!
Gray was happy too:)

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