Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hanging Out with Daddy

Owen loves when the weekends roll around!  That means that he gets to spend time with Daddy!  Over the last couple of years, Brent has taken Owen to the Lowe's Build and Grow projects many times. 

This year, they have gone to several and they went to one this morning.  It was to build a classic fire truck.  Brent said he did such a great job and is really good at hammering the nails all the way in.  He had such a fun time. 

Of course, each trip to Lowe's isn't complete until he has tried out several of the mowers!  So funny!  He was definitely Brent's sidekick today. 

Afterwards, they trimmed some shrubbery around the house, washed both cars, and made a run to the grocery store to pick up things for Owen's choice of dinner tomorrow evening - chicken kabobs on the grill!  Glad they have so much fun together!

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