Sunday, November 3, 2013

Boone Daycation

We love to go to the mountains during the fall and enjoy the leaves and the cooler weather.  This year, we decided to take another daycation to Boone.  The leaves had not started turning much, but we needed a change of scenery!  The Dixie Classic Fair was in town when we decided to go and really didn't feel like getting into all of that, so we knew Wilkesboro was having a fall festival that Saturday.  So, we decided to stop there on the way up to Boone and that would be our "trip to the fair". 

We had never been to it before, so we didn't know what to expect.  It was cool!  They had horse and pony rides for the kids and a Camel to pet.  Owen said he wanted to ride the horse, but I figured he would be too scared to get on it, so I told him he should ride the pony instead.  He told us he wanted to ride the horse, so we let him.  He got up there like a big boy and loved it!  He wasn't scared at all and had so much fun. 

They had different games for the kids and we ended up staying a couple of hours.  We figured it was time to get back on the road so we could be in Boone around lunchtime. 

We walked around campus and had a picnic there and it was nice because it was the weekend and the campus wasn't crowded.  Last year when we went, it was during the week and two adults, two kids, and a stroller didn't blend in too well with the students!  We felt so old! 

What's a trip to Boone without going to the Mast General Store!

It was about Gray's naptime, so Brent dropped me off at the outlet mall and he and the boys took a drive on the parkway.  They both fell asleep and Brent drove all the way to Grandfather Mountain and then came back to Blowing Rock and picked me up. 

We headed to the park they have in Blowing Rock and the boys were able to run and play.  We love BBQ, so we ended the day with dinner at Woodland's.  It was great!  We headed back home after dinner and were exhausted when we pulled in the driveway!  Such a great way to spend the day with my family!

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