Sunday, November 3, 2013

Lorillard Family Fun Day

For the last couple of years, Papa has invited us to join he and Mimi at the annual celebration Lorillard throws for their employees.  They have it at the Grasshopper's stadium in Greensboro and the weather this year was great (the weather hasn't been too great the last year or two)! 

Brent and Owen got there early and met up with Mimi and Papa when the gates opened.  Gray was napping, so I caught up with them a little later on.  It was so much fun!  They had so many activities down on the field and Owen had a ball. 

There was face painting, sand art, bounce houses, corn hole, and so many more things we didn't even have time to do.  They had bingo for the adults and gave away very nice prizes, unfortunately, Mimi wasn't too lucky that day! 

The food was awesome and they ended the night with a nice fireworks show.  Gray and I left a little early with Mimi and Papa and Brent and Owen stayed for the fireworks. 

Owen loved the fireworks and Brent recorded a short clip of them and Owen likes to cut off all the lights in the room and have us watch them!  Too cute! 

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