Friday, November 8, 2013


Owen was so excited about Halloween this year.  He picked out his costume very early and we went ahead and got it for him to make sure it wouldn't get sold out.  He wanted to be Raphael (one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for those of you who don't have boys or brothers)!  We figured Gray could be what Owen was at the age, which was a Monkey, but the weather was so warm, we had to get him a different costume so he wouldn't have a heat stroke (Ha!).  We bought him some striped overalls and drug Owen's conductor's hat out of the closet and he was the cutest train conductor you've ever seen!  For the last two years, Owen was a train conductor and it reminded us so much of him. 
Owen - Halloween 2011

Gray - Halloween 2013
The boys' preschool had trunk or treat on Halloween and then we had planned to go in our neighborhood that night.  Brent had taken Thursday and Friday off so that we could all enjoy the festivities at preschool and at home.  Around 4:30 on Halloween morning, Owen came in our room and said he didn't feel well.  I took his temperature and it was almost 103. He still had the fever when we woke up later and we were quickly assuming he had gotten strep throat from Gray, who had it earlier.  We were so heartbroken since Owen was so excited about dressing up and getting candy. 

It worked out well that Brent was off, so he took Owen to the doctor while I helped out at the preschool.  Owen slept a lot of the afternoon and his fever came down a little.  He said he felt like going to a few houses, so we let him dress up and go to a few houses in our neighborhood. I typically would not let him go out of the house this sick, but unfortunately you can't make up Halloween.  We went to a few homes and came back home. You could tell he didn't feel well by the time we got home, bless his heart!!! 

We were so glad he got to enjoy a little bit of fun that day!  He told us at the end of the day that he had a good Halloween.  He was such a big boy and didn't complain at all about not feeling well!  He got a lot of rest the next day and was back to himself by the weekend!


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