Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Day of Preschool

Today was the first day of preschool for Gray and the last first day of preschool for Owen!  I thought all summer long I was ready for these kids to go to school....I was exhausted...my bag was empty...we had done activity after activity.  I felt like most of the summer I spent my time breaking up fights, keeping the boys off each other, and keeping Gray from getting into everything (he's very busy, that will be a separate post)!

Tote bags ready to go!
Well, the morning came and I was excited but kinda sad at the same time.  Sad because Owen will be in big school next year and he is really growing up...I was reminded of how far we have come.  I rememeber the first day of preschool - he hated it.  He cried and cried and I had to come get him early for the first month of school.  I thought he would NEVER stop crying when I dropped him off!  Since then, he has grown to love his school, teachers, friends, and loves to learn new things and to participate in activities.  I was reminded that this is the last year he will be there...next year will welcome a whole new chapter and a whole slew of new beginnings.  Until then, I will soak up every opportunity for this to be the best last year for him. 

Ready to head out the door!
We are thankful to have such a wonderful preschool here in Kernersville and I am thankful that he gets the opportunity to be there.  I was equally excited for Gray, because he loves to play and be around other kids.  I was sad because that is my BABY!!! It's a true indication that he is growing up.  Gray has Owen's old teacher, Miss Shelly and she is such a blessing to us and the school.  She is wonderful to the children and Gray will love her.  He will go 2 days a week from 9-12.  I am excited also because this is the first time since Gray has been born that I actually have time to myself...I can clean, grocery shop, run errands...kid free!!! I'm excited because I can finally catch up on some household duties that are hanging over my shoulder!

Sitting beside Daddy at the Blessing of the Totes before heading to Gray's class.

Owen catching up with his friend Noah from last year's 3 year old class.
Both boys had a wonderful day.  Owen marched in his classroom fearless and loved his new teacher, Miss Jordan.  Gray cried some but made it the entire time.  He really enjoyed going outside and Miss Shelly said that he loved the painting activity that she did with them today. Painting on the first day with one years olds...she is a brave woman! ha
Gray's painting activity from today.
When I picked the boys up I took then to Chick-Fil-A to celebrate a first awesome day!!! So proud of my boys!!!


carroll1954 said...

What great pics of the boys and their first day of school. I'm so glad Gray enjoys his class and Owen is such a big boy now! It's hard to believe summer is over and the new school year is here! The boys are precious, love them to pieces!

Papa and Mimi

Cassidy said...

So sweet! So glad you had a great first day of school. And I"m loving all the blog updates! :)