Sunday, February 1, 2009

2 Weeks Old = Pros... Right?

Owen turned two weeks old today!!! Happy 2 week old birthday sweetie-pie! Over the past two weeks a lot has happened... Daddy went back to work on Tuesday... we cried our eyes out as we watched him leave... it was so sad. We've had visitors, lots of tasty foods from various people, changed MANY, MANY diapers, and somehow managed to operate on 3 hours of sleep or less each night. Naps are more appealing than ever! Today, Owen's umbilical cord attachment came off... we were so excited, now we can get real baths!! Owen is so precious to us and we are so lucky that God has blessed us with an adorable healthy son. What more could we ask for? This is an awesome experience that nothing in life can prepare you for.

Lilly and Cass came to visit , Lilly wanted to play... Owen was sleeping the entire time!

Gramps loves Owen

I love our precious family of three

Four generations

Daddy and Owen

One of Owen's many faces...

Mommy and Owen

Owen lays on his tummy so mommy can wash his back...

So CUTE!!!

When Owen is not asleep he is so happy!! Look, he's giving you a wink!

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Cassidy said...

I love the naked baby pics on his tummy - those are just precious!!
It was so good to see you guys last week! You are doing great!