Monday, February 16, 2009

February Fun!

The first half of February has been packed full of fun! We have had lots of visitors, more delicious dinners, help from our wonderful parents, and we had our first trip out of the house... first to Target and then to Mimi and Papa's!!!! I was trying to wait until the 6 week mark to take little man out, but the weather last week was so gorgeous and I could not stand it anymore, so off we went to Target... Owen was an angel.. well, he slept most of the trip and when he finally decided to wake up, he was smiling... I think he's like his mommy, LOVES Target!!! He just knew that is where he was!

On Sunday, Deana, Josh, Weston, and Harrison came to visit and brought a delicious chicken casserole and a fresh batch of brownies... yum!!! She also brought Owen a super-cute outfit and some sleepers for us to borrow.... we go through several in one night... the joy of having a boy:-)

On Thursday, we took Owen to the doctor... we entered the fussy stage last week.... and wanted to make sure that it wasn't anything majorly wrong.... he is now more awake and apparently he has a bit of gas... so, we have been dealing with that. However, when we were there, we learned that our turkey is getting bigger and bigger! He is a whopping 9 lb 4 oz!!!! He is definitely an eater!!!
The doctor said that everything looked great, and it wasn't anything major- just gas! He hasn't been too fussy since then.

On Wednesday, Owen decided that he wanted to send Valentine's Day cards to all his buddies! So, while he was in the swing telling me who he wanted me to send them to of course, I filled them out and mailed them off. What a cupid! He is going to make such a gentleman one out ladies!!!

On Valentine's Day, we decided to venture out to Mimi and Papa's.... so much fun!! We had chicken kabobs, potatos, salad, and a Valentine's cake. It was nice to get out! Mimi and Papa bought a pack and play and Owen just loved it! Owen also sported his new Valentine outfit and could not wait to see Mimi and Papa, they just love him to pieces!!!

What a cupid...

chilln' in my bumbo!

Deana, Josh, Weston, and Harrison came to visit!

Double Trouble!

Loves to be swaddled


Sheron said...

What a cutie!! Thank you so much for keeping us up to date!!
We have a gift for you. could you email me your address?
Sheron & Jack Wallace

Cassidy said...

We love the bumbo! Also, LOVE that last precious picture!