Sunday, February 22, 2009

5 weeks old!

Our sweet angel is 5 weeks old....a lot has changed this past week.... Owen has been fussy on and off, so Brent and I decided to change bottles...several people informed us that Dr. Brown helped with gas, etc., and works great, especially when combing with breastfeeding. THANK YOU DR. BROWN... we LOVE them... I cannot tell you how much they have helped his gas... he is not nearly as fussy and he seems happier... smiling all the time. We just love him to pieces, his smiles are worth a million bucks... well, at least to us they are :-).

This weekend we went to Mimi and Papa's on Saturday night to FINALLY get a good night sleep. They watched him during the night, while Brent and I slept at his grandmother's house. While I missed Owen dearly, a good night sleep was absolutely fabulous! It's so great knowing that when you go to sleep, you will not have an automatic alarm clock that goes off every 3 hours! Whew! LOVE sleep, it is not over-rated!

Rollin', Rollin' and I am over! Owen rolled over from his stomach to his back on Sunday! He was on his tummy having tummy time when all of a sudden, he pushed, pushed and he was over. We were shocked! We tried it again and he did it. He has done it 3 times since then, it has to be his idea.... go figure!

Holding my head up high!

What a handsome young man... We love you Owen!

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