Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our baby is 1 month old!

>Wow, I cannot believe that our baby boy is 1 month old today! One month ago, at this time, Daddy was wheeling Owen to our room....every time I think of Owen being born, the whole delivery process brings tears to my eyes. What a true miracle from God! It's hard to believe how much Owen has grown and changed over the course of 1 month... I can only imagine what lies ahead.

Over the course of the month Owen....
  • gained 2 lbs
  • loves his swing...on most days
  • loves to be cuddled, hugged & loved like most babies do
  • loves to ride
  • continues to strengthen his neck muscles
  • keeps Pampers in business
  • loves to listen to his night time lullaby

Smiling up a storm!

Owen and his friend Henry...buddies forever!

check out the cheeks..cute :-)

This bath was a success! He LOVED it. Hopefully the others will follow.

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