Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hi-ho Hi-ho off to the doctor we go!

Owen had his one month check up on Monday. Dr. Burbridge was very pleased with Owen's developments. He now weighs 10lbs 1oz and is 22 inches long, which is right on track for his age. The doctor said that next month we can add rice cereal to his evening bottle so that he can hopefully start to sleep all night! Yippee Skippie! Sounds great to me!

He has grown so much and every day he does something new. The facial expressions, smiles, cues, sounds, and yes even the cries melt my heart. I am so glad that I get to stay at home and see all of these changes because they happen so quickly. Next month, Owen gets 3 shots and one oral vaccination.. poor thing.. wish us luck! Check out the photo ops that were taken on the way to the doctor. Isn't he precious! We love you little man!

Morning before we went to the doctor, trying to hold his bottle!

All bundled up and ready to go to the doctor... coat is a little big... he our little Eskimo!

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