Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cheerios and books

Cheerios and books...not together...but these are the two things that Owen really loves. He has always snacked on Cheerios and this morning I decided to give him milk and cheerios together and he loved it....he had a little trouble at first, but really did an amazing job scooping up the milk and cheerios without making too big of a mess. Usually if he gets anything on his hands he has a fit....this morning he was so fascinated by the cheerios in the milk I think he could have cared less.

He also loves to read! This makes me very happy, I hope that he always loves to read! He loves to get books, sit in our lap, and have us read to him....once he starts he will go through every single book in the basket....we love reading to him...funny how he always likes to start doing this loooong routine right before he goes to bed....kind of smart if you ask me! ha!


carroll1954 said...

He is so sweet, and I'm really glad he loves books. I hope he will be smart like his parents. Eating cherrios and milk shows he is getting very independent!

Love You
Mimi and Papa

Katie said...

Hi, Katie from the Cheerios Facebook team here. We think your post is fantastic and we would love to share it with our fans on Facebook!

Do we have your permission to write a post about it and link back to your page? Reply to me in this comment thread so I know whether or not you give us the ok. Say thanks to your son for us about his love for Cheerios!