Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lunch with Santa

This past Saturday one of my great friends, Beth, invited us to her church for Lunch with Santa. It was so much fun! I was a bit nervous about how Owen would react to Santa, but to my surprise he loved him!!! I was the one that was about to cry. My shy little boy who used to be so scared of strangers sat in Santa's lap....I seriously think he would have stayed there all day! He told him over and over that he wanted a cho cho and a fire truck....It was so sweet and so incredibly cute. They had a variety of soups, sandwichs, and cookies....Owen loved Beth's potato soup...he made several arts and crafts, and ran around and played with all the other kids. The kids were super wound up because it was SNOWING....what a perfect way to spend Saturday...snow, friends, and Santa! What a fun and special day!

All the kiddo's checking out the snow! They were super excited!

Owen and his friend Blaze

Telling Santa he wants a "fire truck"

and choo choo

doing arts with mommy

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carroll1954 said...

He is soooo sweet, I'm so glad he liked Santa and enjoyed his Saturday outing. I'm also glad he liked the potato soup! I can't wait until he sees the decorations at Mimi and Papa's, I love to watch his facial expressions!

Love You
Mimi and Pap